Lolleez Story

A little bit about us…

As a mom, trying to keep life easy, simple and healthy can be tricky.  When my little one came down with strep, I wanted something to soothe her sore throat.  Band-aids and ice packs are miracle workers for scrapes and bruises, but what does a mom do for a sore throat?  I needed a remedy that was fun, healthy and effective.  This need created the idea for Lolleez™.  An organic, naturally medicinal, flat pop on a stick.  To soothe your little ones throat and keep your mind at ease. Happy kids, happy home.

Meet The Team!


Melissa Evans

mom & founder

I am the fortunate mom of four beautiful kids.  Since becoming a mom, I transitioned from the field of social services to health coaching. My family and I live in the small community in which I was raised.

the kids of Lolleez

Our Kids

chief tasting consultants

These four little monkeys are the inspiration for Lolleez and my overall goal of a better for you lifestyle.  Like most little kids, they enjoy playing with friends, being outdoors and snuggle time with mom and dad.



storeez from our friends

We are very excited to share January’s kid of the month, Mia.  This 9 year old cutie sent this enthusiastic pic of  Lolleez turning her sick days to smiles.  A sore throat isn’t stopping Mia from having a great day.  Thank you for sharing your story and that terrific smile!!

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